Maintaining a Nature Loo™

Any Cleaning? Not as much as you’d think

Nature Flush has a fresh vanilla fragrance and is diluted with 20 parts water and used as a natural cleaner. The spray by itself can do the job but a standard toilet brush can also be used with the spray. The enzymes will also accelerate the composting process, a catalyst and initiator in chemical reactions. Refills of the enzyme concentrate can be purchased online.

Adding bulking agent – Less effort than flushing

Bulking agent, such as wood shavings),should be added on a regular basis, preferably a handful after each #2. Alternatively, add the equivalent of this on a daily or weekly basis. Nothing is added if you are only doing a #1. 

Rotating/Exchanging the Compost  Chambers

Every few months to a year the Nature Loo composting toilet chambers will need to be rotated/exchanged. No official training is required to carry out the rotation which can be carried out by the owner of the property, a handyman, plumber etc.

If the toilet is used consistently by the same number of people, you will soon see how often the ‘In-Service’ chamber needs to be replaced as this is dependent on use.

A sufficient number of chambers must be purchased to allow the out-of-service chamber a minimum time (4 months for the Classic 650 and 6 months for the Classic 850) from the time they are disconnected from the waste chute.

Every few weeks you should shine a torch down the toilet pedestal to see if it is full, (when the compost pile reaches the top of the internal vent pipes). 

Read more about the manual.

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Ecoflo was the first company in Australia that sells composting toilets certified to the rigorous quality testing of Australian Standards. If you want to be certain your composting toilet has adequate capacity, and is safe, you need a waterless composting toilet certified to the tough performance criteria of AS/NZS 1546.2:2008.

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