FAQs About Greywater

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Questions About Greywater

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Do I need a greywater treatment system with my composting toilet?

How much water can I save?

Is it easy to install?

What can I use to treat my greywater?

What is Greywater and Why all the Fuss?

What is the difference between greywater treatment and diversion?

What kind of treatment do I need?

What maintenance is required?

What will my council require by way of permits to install a waterless toilet and greywater system?

Where can I purchase a pump well?

Why use a Nature Clear GWS10?

Why would I treat my greywater separately from my black (toilet) water?

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Ecoflo was the first company in Australia that sells composting toilets certified to the rigorous quality testing of Australian Standards. If you want to be certain your composting toilet has adequate capacity, and is safe, you need a waterless composting toilet certified to the tough performance criteria of AS/NZS 1546.2:2008.

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